The Hotel Marina's Founder

Papà Giulin had founded Pensione Marina in 1955. He worked in the adjacent grandmother Marina's restaurant and from 1932 to 1953 he was a first class waiter on the best transatlantics of the Genoese shipping company "Italia". He went across Atlantic Ocean from Genoa to New York seaport more than one hundred times. Moreover he went to Argentina and Australia. He sailed on the liners Rex, Conte di Savoia, Vulcania and Andrea Doria during its inaugural trip.

Papà Giulin spend a lot of his time on Conte di Savoia transatlantic during the course from Genoa to New York; during the travel the liner stopped at the two ports of call of Naples and Cannes. The Atlatic crossing lasted seven days. The ship had the first, the second and the third class and the touristic class. It carried away 1800 passengers: the most of them were migrants that wanted to realize the American dream. The Crew was composed by 900 people. At the beginning of the second world war, Conte di Savoia made its last Atlantic course to let 2500 American people that lived in Europe to return to home. Conte di Savoia's commander was Lena, an inhabitant of Sesri Levante's fraction, Riva Trigoso. On board there were a football team (whose "Giulin" was the centre halfback) and a rowing team: in 1936 they both win Marina Mercantile's mondial primacy. In the photos beneath, papa Giulin with the military football team, which was awarded two medals.
The football team with Primo Carnera
The "Rex" crosses the "Conte di Savoia" in the Strait of Gibraltar December 12, 1939
The Commander Lena Antonio from Riva Trigoso
The football and rowing team - 1939
italian maritime world records in New York - 1936